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Art exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad:
  Art exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad:
From 1999 we participate in Frankfurt Art Fairs in Germany with artist's books and graphic collections.
International projects:
2000 "2nd Intern. Artist's Book Triennial Vilnius'00", Gallery "Arka", Vilnius;
2001 "2nd Intern. Artist's Book Triennial Vilnius'00" Galerie 5020,
In 2002 we organise exhibition "Woodcut from 18th century till now in Lithuania". We planed to show it in Germany, Austria, Sweden and Belgium.
Artists exhibitions in Lithuania:
We were organising exhibitions in Vilnius:
1997 Katriona SW Persson, Sweden.
1999 Elena Panayotova, Bulgaria.
1999 Anat Manor, Germany / Israel.
Simposiums in Lithuania:
Travelling in Lithuania:
During the Triennial some artists participated in 2 days journey in Lithuania.
In Frankfurt Art Fair
Rent of cars.
Cheap and good hotel for artists.
Information about simposiums in Lithuania.
Publication of books and catalogues:
"Bokartas" chief Kestutis Vasiliunas
E-mail: Kestutis(eta)

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